Book Expo America, Reviews 2010

2:00 pm 

The Javits Center

655 West 34th Street New York, NY

As one newspaper towns go to no newspaper towns, as bloggers get sponsors, as networking sites burgeon in content, what is the future of the book review?  We are poised now at the juncture—the transition is underway.  But a transition to what?  For some, the readership created by the internet is something to applaud.  We bring together a panel of writers, editors, and professionals, established on the vanguard, to discuss prospects for the review and how it may change, in the near future. 

A National Book Critics Circle panel for the 2009 BEA


Ben Greenman (New Yorker, writer/reviewer) 

Bethanne Patrick (PW blogger, Twitter and more) 

David Nudo (Formerly New York Times, PW and Shelfari) 

Otis Chandler (Goodreads CEO and founder)

Peter Krause (seems like a brand new thought, syndicates reviews to internet sites through his company, TacticCompany, formerly of Muze) 

Moderated by John Reed, Books Editor, the Brooklyn Rail, NBCC board member