Blog Critics: Tales of Woe

Gratitude to both Etiers.  Miss Bob Etier posted a review about Woe that made me feel better about the whole thing.  Deep appreciation.  It makes me want to have a Woe martini party.  All of us get together in a big room floating over the surface of the earth, visiting every country and talking about not-too-important things. 

I know I’m indebted to all these people for taking the time to read Woe.  I’ll mix the martinis.

"Reed’s dispassionate reportage combines with illustrations that nearly leap off the page, and grabs the reader by the throat, screaming ‘Unfair? Unfair doesn’t begin to define life!’ ... Tales of Woe is not a book to be ignored. It is startling, scary, and relevant. It chills because the reader knows this is the world in which we live."  —Miss Bob Etier, Blog Critics