Enter the Caveman and The Mike: Tales of Woe 

Geofree Capodanno, who I had fun talking to a couple of days ago, just posted a review of Tales of Woe to his blog Enter the Caveman... 


Geofree links to a review from The Mike, from the horror site, From Midnight, With Love.


"A universe of sin, suffering, pain, dread, perversion, and depravity. ... If you like romance novels and happy endings, this might not be your cup of tea. If you are into horror, anthologies and want to read something different than the norm, hit your local Barnes & Noble or visit Amazon online."  —Geofree Capodanno, Enter the Caveman

"Tales of Woe is a depressing and harrowing success. ... I must warn you, however.  Tread that road carefully."  —The Mike, From Midnight, With Love