ICI: Shadows and Outlines: An Incomplete Portrait of the Reanimation Library

Tuesday, September 25, 6:30–8 PM

ICI Curatorial Hub

401 Broadway, Suite 1620

New York, NY 10013

Shadows and Outlines: An Incomplete Portrait of the Reanimation Library

The Reanimation Library is a small, independent public library based in Brooklyn. It is a collection of books that have fallen out of routine circulation and been acquired for their visual content. Outdated and discarded, they have been culled from thrift stores, stoop sales and throwaway piles, and given new life as a resource for artists, writers and cultural archaeologists.

Shadows and Outlines is a set of short readings made up entirely of excerpts from the library’s holdings paired with projected images from its image archive. Sequenced, unmediated fragments of found text and an accompanying stream of decontextualized images will provide a personalized, fractured and incomplete portrait of the wide-ranging attitudes, ideologies and visual systems contained within the collection. Join us to hear readings by Reanimation Library founder Andrew Beccone and two guest readers—writers Sarah Giovanniello and John Reed. 

This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP to rsvp@curatorsintl.org with Reanimation Library in the subject field.

For more information contact Misa Jeffereis at misa@curatorsintl.org.