6:00 PM

National Book Critics Circle (NBCC)

Scratcher, free

209 E. 5th St.

Goofs, gaffes, guilt.  The National Book Critics Circle makes public apologies for the crimes of its ilk. Jeff Wright, Jerry Portwood, Carlo McCormick, David Cohen, Sam Sacks, Lucas Wittmann, David Haglund, Ellen Pearlman, C. Max Magee and several hated mystery guests will plead for forgiveness for villainy and negligence in The New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, The Daily Beast, PEN, The Millions, The Wall Street Journal, Art Forum, Art in America Paper Magazine, Out Magazine, the New York Press and many others yet to be guilted into participating! MC’d by John Reed. Sniveling entreaties from overbearing snobs will make this a thoroughly punishing and satisfying tribunal.  

The Brooklyn Rail:  Jeff Wright and Ellen Pearlman

Out:    Jerry Portwood 

Paper Magazine:     Carlo McCormick

Art in America: David Cohen 

The Wall Street Journal: Sam Sacks 

The Daily Beast:  Lucas Wittmann

Slate:  David Haglund 

The Millions:  C. Max Magee 

Guernica: Joel Whitney

The Washington Post: Jane Ciabattari

The New Inquiry: Helena Fitzgerald

7:00 pm

LitCrawl: Literature and Libations

Von Bar, free

3 Bleecker Street

Three short readings, three long toasts, and uncertain evening.  Authors stagger you with literature and libations.  Edie Meidav reads from Lola, California, and offers a taste of her dangerous concoction, “the Red and Green.”  Brando Skyhorse warbles in dulcet tones from The Madonnas of Echo Park, and tenders the divine bitter of “the Nasty Stepfather.”  John Reed proffers Snowball’s Chance, now in paperback and liquid form.  Special offers from the participating rathskeller.