Mid-Manhattan Library presents 

MonoCulture: How Popular Culture and Economy Shapes Contemporary Narrative

The New York Public Library 

40th Street and 5th Avenue , 6th floor, 6:30 PM

New York, NY 10016 


Books, movies, television, internet, made-up and true-to life: stories move us, motivate us, disgust us—but what is the mechanism of cultural storytelling? Why do we hear some stories, and not others, and why is it that so many of the stories told by popular culture seem so familiar, so uniform? In this discussion, John Reed demystifies what makes a story mainstream, what makes a story experimental, and the underlying economic foundation of the story.

Snowball's Chance (tenth anniversary edition from Melville House Books):

Written in 14 days shortly after the September 11th attacks, Snowball’s Chance is an outrageous and unauthorized companion to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, in which exiled pig Snowball returns to the farm, takes charge, and implements a new world order of untrammeled capitalism.

A brilliant political satire and literary parody, John Reed’s Snowball’s Chance caused an uproar on publication in 2002, was denounced by Christopher Hitchens, and narrowly evaded a lawsuit from the Orwell estate. Now, a decade later, with America in wars on many fronts, readers can judge anew the visionary truth of Reed’s satirical masterpiece.

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