Michael Kupperman, John Reed, Emily Flake, R. Sikoryak, Anthony Lappé, Ashley C. Williams, and Dan Pirarro at Literary Death Match

Tales of Woe at  ...

When: doors at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30 (sharp). Afterparty at Von

Cost: $7 in advance, $10 at the door. 

Under 18 will not be admitted.

Opium Magazine’s ComicCon Literary Death Match. 

A little bit slower than a speeding bullet. Arguably 18% more powerful than a locomotive, completely incapable of leaping any sized buildings in any amount of bounds. It's a lark! It's an amazement! It's LDM NYC - The ComicCon episode!

A seemingly mild-mannered bunch, these writer/artists are breaking away from the ComicCon NYC madness, donning their capes and tights (metaphorically, we hope) to partake of the ultimate multimedia... showdown. Who are these masked combatants? Illustrator/comic artist Michael Kupperman (Snake'N'Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret), cartoonist Emily Flake (Lulu Eightball), R. Sikoryak (creator of Masterpiece Comics), and wirter/director Anthony Lappé (Shooting War). 

From behind a force field of awesomeness, a trio of judges will decide who competes in for the title. Author/critic John Reed (Tales of Woe) will judge Substance, flanked by actress Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede) judging Performance, and cartoonist Dan Pirarro (Bizarro) will lay down the law on Intangibles. The final battle will determine whose emerges the Hero, and who joins the ranks of LDM's worthy, though vanquished, mortals. 

This is a one-of-a-kind, not-to-be-missed, super-spectacular LDM for the ages! Costumes encouraged. Hilarity guaranteed. 

Hosted by Ann Heatherington and Erin Hosier