CCLaP: Tales of Woe

Jason Pettus at the CCLaP is running a twitter series of stories in installments.  Sometime soon, date yet to be decided, we’ll be previewing a Twitter variation of the Sarah Palin extraordinaire, “Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire, and a Cold-Served Dish of Unjust Deserts.”  It’s one of my favorite Tales of Woe stories, and certainly one of my favorite Woe illustrations, which is brought to you by the inimitable 8Pussy.

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A note on the series:

CCLaP Publishing is happy to announce "TwitLit," the center's first-ever story series. Written as a collection of haiku-like chapters, each no longer than 140 characters, TwitLit stories are first published serially through the short-message service, then published here as high-quality, printable poster versions.