Penguin Books guest author: All the World's a Grave

This coming week, I'll be the "guest author" for Penguin Books, which says:

John Reed is our guest blogger during the week of September 8th. If you have any questions for John Reed, add a comment to any of his posts. Here is some more information about All the World's a Grave: A New Play by William Shakespeare:

An epic tragedy of love, war, murder, and madness, plucked from the pages of Shakespeare

In All the World's a Grave, John Reed reconstructs the works of William Shakespeare into a new five-act tragedy. The language is Shakespeare's, but the drama that unfolds is as fresh as the blood on the stage.

Prince Hamlet goes to war for Juliet, the daughter of King Lear. Having captured Juliet as his bride-by reckless war-he returns home to find that his mother has murdered his father and married Macbeth. Enter Iago, who persuades Hamlet that Juliet is having an affair with Romeo. As the Prince goes mad with jealousy, King Lear mounts his army. . .

This play promises to be the most provocative and entertaining work to be added to the Shakespeare canon since Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.  

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