Largehearted boy: Tales of Woe

David Gutowski just posted my Tales of Woe Playlist to largeheartedboy ...

"These stories are especially horrifying since all of them are true. No happy endings, no redemption, just bad things happening to good people for no reason. Reed, like the ancient Greeks, brings catharsis to the reader through observation of others' suffering so that we may feel better about our own lives (and relatively trivial burdens)."  —David Gutowski, Largeheartedboy

"Tales of Woe is a dark book, both thematically and physically. John Reed tells twenty-five stories of undeserved suffering in the book's black pages with white type, broken up by vivid illustrations by an assortment of artists. ...  Before you pick up that next horror novel, I'd suggest Tales of Woe instead, because sometimes reality is scarier than fiction."  —David Gutowski, Largeheartedboy